Friday, 17 August 2007

Duck Egg Project II: Potato Omelette

Cooking for one can be quite a challenge at times. Back when I was a student, the concept of a freshly cooked home meal was simply quite alien to me unless I was eating at my girlfriend's home whose mum cooked dinner everyday. I went through a phase of scouring internet sites for advice on the best freezeable ingredients so I could cook when time permitted, portioned my balanced and diet-friendly meals in freezable containers that could be conveniently re-heated when I returned home from class. It was definately a cheaper alternative to the frozen meals you could so easily pick up from the supermarket and definately more healthy. Of course, unless you never tire of the usual (and endless) frozen selection of "tuna bake", "hungarian goulash", "penne arrabiata" or "vegetable soup", life is sweet.

I proudly declare I have come a long way as far as my choices for dinner-for-one are concerned. I hate eating alone so I usually seek a companion when it comes to mealtimes. Failing to find a willing mealtime partner, I usually indulge in rye crackers with cream cheese and smoked salmon, or salad sandwiches, or rice with tinned tuna or soup (freshly prepared, tinned or packet). And if I feel up to it, I make myself an omelette!

Today I prepared an omelette filled with thinly sliced baby potatoes sauteed in olive oil and parsley. The texture of the omelette made extra fluffy with the addition of 2 tablespoons of ricotta cheese to a single beaten duck egg. Seasoned with salt and pepper and served with a side salad of bitter greens and sprouts, who could deny this being a well-balanced meal? Mum would be so proud of me...

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