Friday, 26 October 2007

I love Summer

You know summer is around the corner when the air is warm, slightly heavy and smells like freshly cut grass. I love summer. But when the weather gets warmer, I feel less inclined to cook anything fussy. Less time in the kitchen means more time to enjoy the balmy outdoors.

The other evening, I made a quick curry and to work the Asian theme further, I made coriander-garlic naan, and mango pudding for dessert too. The curry, to my dismay, tasted more like satay you would get at the Chinese stand at an international food court but the naan was good. The dessert was based on an idea I took (and embellished) from those firmly set mango puds you order after you have had your fill of delicious steamed dim sums at your local yum cha restaurant.

Although mangoes are not at the height of their season (Kensingtons were retailing at $5 each), the pudding worked well with frozen mango cheeks. Topped with snowy-white coconut granita, a squeeze of lime juice and fine chiffonade of mint, this dessert in my opinion, is the epitome of summer in a glass!


Figur8 said...

Please hurry back and make more of that mango pudding, thanks!

Matt at Abstract Gourmet said...

I'm not sure which summer you're used to... but the smell of cut grass doesn't quite fit summer in Perth for me... more like the smell of burning rubber as your thongs melt into the footpath :)

Love these dishes though... the mango pudding sounds lovely. Hope you're still enjoying Perth.