Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Boo-boo Choo-choo cupcakes

Gavin, my favourite little man, just turned 2 and although he is too young to remember how we celebrated his special day it is for us, the grown ups who adore him so much, part of the ceremony of him becoming a year older.

This year, Gavin's birthday celebration was kept fairly low-key because the poor little man was experiencing a bout of growing pains. Although we (his parents and myself) anticipated a birthday cake based on his favourite character, Thomas the Tank, we decided Gavin would appreciate it a little more when he is in better health and affection.

Instead I modelled a small train with coloured fondant to top a few chocolate-peanut butter cupcakes. Needless to say, we struggled to get him to blow out the candles but afterwards, he politely obliged us by tasting the icing on the cake ("Mummy, no cake!") so he could get on with playing with his "toy" train.

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Shen-Li said...

I thought he gave it the "lick of approval" even if he wasn't in the mood for chocolate cake which I suspect was more because he was sick. I mean, he didn't want to eat pizza? Something's definitely not right there...