Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A quick apple tart

Here is a cheat's version of a tarte fine of apple I made a few days ago with a few items I found while cleaning out the fridge and freezer: store-bought butter puff pastry, some leftover frangipane (from my previous summer apricot tart post), and a couple of old but still crisp Granny Smith apples (frankly, any tart apple will do - try Pink Lady or Sundowner) . There is really nothing to it. The assembly takes all but 10 minutes at most, then 15 minutes in a hot oven (about 200C). If you haven't got any frangipane, use a good-quality bottled apple sauce. If you have none of that too, then just use some really good apples - the finished product will be just as delightful. I promise you, it is very little effort for a lot of satisfaction.

Look, this is the type of dessert or tea time snack you want to be making in summer. It is quick, delicious and you can go nuts with it. I sprinkle ground cinnamon and coarse raw sugar atop for flavour and crunch. You might be inclined sprinkle chopped nuts after glazing the baked tart with hot apricot jam. A tart with sliced plums, ground cardamom and sugar would also go down a treat. How about sliced peaches and chopped mint? Be inventive and creative.

Summer is for enjoying - you really don't want to be trapped indoors cooking complicated recipes.

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