Sunday, 8 March 2009

Little bites - various canapes

Yesterday, after a fairly busy week, I did absolutely nothing productive. Although I felt a touch of guilt for not seizing the glorious beach weather, it was quickly overcome by watching a marathon session of [scrubs] in bed, slothing in my favourite pajamas and bingeing on my body weight of chocolate eclairs and crunchy seedless white grapes. Needless to say, I felt a little ill from this excess and dinner was not on the cards. On days such as these I wish I had little savoury things with a bit more substance to graze on throughout the day - like these canapes I made for a tasting last weekend. Perhaps, then I would be less inclined to eat dessert as a meal. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Beetroot jam and brie tart

This is my personal favourite combining a tangy savoury beetroot jam with a creamy brie and sweet crunchy Bartlett pear. Most beetroot jams I have tried in the past are texturally challenged. I prefer not to cook my beetroot for too long keeping a slight crunch to the jam.

"Waldorf" salad with chicken

Although the popular Waldorf salad needs no re-invention, I had to figure of a way to deliver it as a canape. The celery "boat" I thought was just the perfect vector - and who doesn't like chicken with mayonnaise?? I am really digging raisins in savoury dishes at the moment too.

Prawn and peach salsa in a parmesan cup

I cannot take credit for this particular canape as I think it has been done to death. Still, I think it epitomises the food of the Australian summer because it combines fresh boiled prawns with glorious ripe and juicy stone fruit in an appetising mouthful.

Vitello tonnato on a sourdough crouton

So okay, no points for originality here. I guess this is Italy's answer to "surf and turf" but with more flair and finesse? This canape is a simple assembly of very finely sliced seared veal steak on a baby spinach leaf (for colour and to keep the crouton from becoming soggy) then topped with a lemony anchovy-tuna cream and caper.

Seared tuna on Japanese rice cake with wasabi mayonnaise

Although of Asian heritage, I cannot understand the appeal of sashimi. Seared tuna on the other hand, I am particularly partial to and I think this little bite is a good compromise for those who enjoy sushi but not its protein component still gleaming with too much life.

Finally, as an endnote, I would like to apologise for my sporadic pattern of posting this month as I am currently experiencing slight difficulties as E and I are changing our internet service at the moment. Please bear with me and I hope to post something sweet soon as I cannot seem to shake off the idea of caramel.
Mmmm caramel...

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