Monday, 8 June 2009

I am still here

Hi everyone,

Many apologies for my vanishing act in the month of May. I have been occupied but I am still spending a lot of time cooking. I have just been falling a little short on time trying to document and capture images of my kitchen creations.

There is a very important project I am currently investing a lot of time and energy in. I hope I will be able to share it with you all soon... I am tremendously excited about it.

Thanks for your kind support over the months.


Hannah said...

What absolutely perfect sushi, it looks incredible.

Best wishes on your project... Very curious to hear more about it. :)

Mike S said...

Glad to see the project is going good. Can i try some of the sushi?

Li said...

thank you - it took me a bit of practice to get the filling all in the center.

Mike S
thanks... that depends on which city you live in.