Monday, 29 December 2008

Nothing about food here.

I began KITCHEN MUSINGS almost 2 years ago while taking a break from the things that were bringing me down and this project gave me a sort of focus and creative outlet. It made me happy. This blog has always been a way to communicate my opinions and ideas about food as well as to capture mouth-watering pictures of things that I have prepared (and whatever else I find attractive) but lately, my entries have become somewhat sporadic and to my disappointment, the delivery of ideas disjointed. The thing is, I came to a realisation that the irregularity in my entries is not a result from a lack of material to publish but quite the contrary as I prepare most of my meals to save myself the disappointment and the financial ruin from regularly eating expensive and poorly prepared food. Take for example, the pasta I made last night with chunks of roasted sweet Kent pumpkin and Momoko tomatoes tossed with toasted crushed almonds, roughly chopped mint, crumbled local organic feta cheese and creme fraiche. And the tarte au chocolat made with the remaining Spanish hot chocolate mix and almond shortbread I made as gifts for Christmas.

Lack of material?


Of course this blog has never been intended to be a place where I can blow off steam about workplace grievances or rant about personal relationships - if it was, I am sure to be attracting more readers and raking the cash in through online advertising just like the mother who writes sometimes funny and sometimes tasteless entries about her daily life. It is not a place to moan about the spanner named Gary either or how his behaviour is more than likely a result of him falling victim to relentless childhood bullying and taunting (NB apologies to any followers who were bullied as children but do not suffer from spannerism. If you are not a spanner, you should take a stand and show tools like Gary where they belong - in a box). If it was that kind of place, this site would be titled "Gary the tool" and it would probably be found on

I am inclined to become easily distracted, which is a reason why publishing regular entries is such a challenge for me. Sometimes topics veer off the track so much that I find them completely irrelevant and unfit to publish. So I figured, I should take the beckoning new year as an opportunity to start fresh - to rid the backlog of drafts that currently outnumber my actual posts, to reintroduce KITCHEN MUSINGS and to formally introduce myself.

So here are 10 things that may give you some insight on the author behind this blog:

1) The last holiday I truly enjoyed was a visit to the South Island of New Zealand in 2004. My life after that has never been the same

2) I lost my best friend Jean-Michel Howland in March this year and I miss him everyday

3) I love listening to New Order because they make me smile and cry plus they are pretty awesome

4) I believe in the law of average. I am not an eternal optimist but I have stopped being the misery chick

5) I am notorious for leaving crumbs in bed then blaming someone else for leaving them there even when I was living alone

6) I love pigs, elephants and bears. I also love beagles and fat house cats I can tempt with fresh chicken livers

7) I kill garden plants though not deliberately

8) I was a cancer research scientist but am now a chef. I have a deep respect for people in both professions - they have a very high pain threshold and can be stupid. The stupid part supports my theory that if you are dim, tertiary education ain't gonna make you bright

9) My favourite love story is "We the living" by Ayn Rand. I am reading "Voyage to the end of the room" by Tibor Fischer for the second time and it still splits my sides

10) I am fiercely protective and loyal to the people I love. Why wouldn't I be? I am Sagittarian.


So there you have it.

This is me.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry X'mas!!!

Wishing everyone a Merry X'mas and Happy New Year