Friday 27 November 2009

enough to put a smile on our faces...

I have some great news to share.

After much anticipation, my sister-in-law, S gave birth to a healthy baby boy, an ounce short of 10 pounds (4.5kg that converts to) in the late morning of 24 November. We are all so happy with the new addition to our family and Gavin especially, has taken to his little brother Gareth with much warmth, enthusiasm and love. Carrying the little guy in my arms was really quite a special moment. Watching Gavin kiss and stroke a swaddled Gareth is just priceless. We are a very lucky bunch indeed! Congratulations S and C!

On to other news, we have finally found a shop to start our business The Haute Food Co. Renovations have commenced and I have been running back and forth co-ordinating kitchen equipment, the shop's lighting, security systems, suppliers et al. It is exhausting work but I must admit, I am beginning to feel a sense of satisfaction watching the plumbing being fixed in our new kitchen and soon, the new cabinets and shelves being put up in the shop. It is all very exciting and I would not have managed thus far without the endless support of my family. Thanks guys!

I am really looking forward to unveil our project as I think although it is not an unfamiliar concept, I hope we'll be able to offer our customers something different in terms of customer service, menu options and retail products. I have spent countless hours developing recipes and on packaging solutions in the past months, and I am please to say, I think we have some pretty good merchandise to offer.

If there are any followers in Malaysia, please drop by and visit us when our doors open for trading in Plaza Damas, Hartamas. We envision this to happen in the next couple of weeks, early to mid December. We would love to hear your feedback.

As an endnote, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all my friends (near and far) who have been absolute champion cheerleaders for my cause. You are all true gems!