Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Saturday, 19 September 2009

I couldn't resist...

I've been promising a shift from dessert recipes but this cake is a true gem! I followed the recipe posted by Elise who also shares a plethora of recipes from cooking references she has tried and tested. It involves a bit of work but I think it is well worth it - perfect for brightening up an overcast Saturday.

As most strawberries found in Kuala Lumpur are imported and can be quite dearly priced, I reduced the quantity of fruit to just over half a kilo (ie. half the described amount in the recipe) on this occasion. The amount of sugar you add to the strawberry filling depends on how sweet the fruit are. I find though, the tartness of the strawberries helps cut through the richness of cream. And speaking of cream, I replaced the heavy cream with regular whipping cream with no detriment.

Although the cake's presentation lacks the appearance of a bountiful berry harvest (like the one Elise made), this cake is exceptionally delicious - especially if you, like me, enjoy the timeless combination of ripe strawberries and voluptuous swirls of vanilla cream.


Roast potato medley

Okay, this is not quite what I promised to post but I couldn't keep this one to myself. It is so simple to throw together and great for satisfying a carb-craving.

It is what I label as a "quick and dirty" because it's a very earthy dish that takes no time to prepare. Simply scrub the skins of the potatoes you plan on using - pictured above, I used 3 different types of sweet potaotes: yellow, white and purple-flesh, 2 types of potatoes: kipflers and royal blues, but you can use a variety of others that are available at the market. It helps if you get the tubers more or less the same size as it eases the cutting process a great deal. After cutting the potatoes into almost equal and generous wedges, season liberally with salt and pepper, then stick a few springs of rosemary about the roasting pan and a pour over good slug of olive oil.

Bake at 230C for 10 minutes until the flesh browns and blisters, then turn the heat down to 180C to cook until the 'tats are tender.

These are so incredibly good to eat on their own, or with a good spicy chutney or aioli. Or try it served with a leg of roast lamb.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

A break from sweets

Not sure if I mentioned before that I was pescetarian for a while after returning from my trip to the US last year. I mainly ate a vegetarian diet rich in fruit, vegetables, pulses and legumes, supplemented with up to 3 small portions of fish during the week. However, after several bouts of passing out at the most inconvenient of times and being told it was a result of a low blood iron count, I reluctantly began eating red meat again. Things snowballed from there and before I knew it, I had a poor diet - by that I mean, I was consuming way too much processed "convenient" food.

I have assigned myself a conscious eating plan beginning of this month and hope to see it through until October. It is based on a caffeine-free vegan diet, but I will allow myself some fish once in a while. It is day 6 and I don't feel like I am missing much - well, I lie, I miss my desserts (like the creme caramel and coffee praline cake this evening), but I do feel a lot better on a whole.

Tommorow, I hope to have some time to prepare myself a salad of buckwheat, amaranth and millet. This will give me the opportunity to explore new ingredients and exercise some creative cooking - something I have been yearning for a long while.

Stay tuned.