Thursday, 13 August 2009

A week of chocolate

Quite unexpectedly, I recieved a message from a friend the other day asking how often I exercise and brush my teeth during the day. This curious text came shortly after I uploaded more pictures of some sweet items I made for our online catalogue.

chocolate cream tart

It is only mid-week and I have gone through more than 5 kilos of chocolate. Since we've launched our official business website, the number of followers on our Facebook page have grown and orders for our sweets have arrived steadily. I am so pleased that our bespoke products are being received so well by the public and I owe it very much to all the wonderful feedback and recommendations from and by our friends. Thank you all so much!

a grand chocolate cake

Our most requested item is a cake we duly name "a grand chocolate cake". It is a tall cake consisting of rich velvety dark chocolate ganache sandwiched between 3 layers of tender-moist chocolate cake then topped regally with scrolls of dark chocolate. It is really an elaborate and celebratory version of my favourite chocolate cake - the one I eat in shamelessly door-stopper-thick wodges along with a tall glass of cold milk.

rich chocolate cake : rich yet light

Early on, I intended to put a family-style chocolate cake on our menu for everyday eating that is similar to the grand chocolate but in more modest proportions. However, after a brief study of various cream to chocolate ratios, I stumbled upon a winning formula that produced a chocolate creme not unlike chocolate mousse, and decided to incorporate it into a cake somehow. And so, our rich chocolate cake was born. This cake showcases 4 different textures of chocolate: 2 layers of moist cake, airy creme, velvety ganache and wispy curls in a perfect balance. It is a seriously intense chocolate experience, a heavyweight in the departments of flavour and character compared to many of its mousse-y compatriots. I must add, the beauty of this cake is, it makes for beautiful eating straight out of the refrigerator.

chocolate tart

One thing pretty much led to another and I spent most of my week trying out different chocolate recipes. I made some tarts and biscuits, and then some more. Although I find testing new recipes and making them reproducible an interesting exercise, I really am looking forward to having a little more time to indulge in "hobby" cooking and not "work" cooking.

classic chocolate chip cookies

And just for the record: I seldom exercise enough and I brush my teeth twice a day.

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Figur8 said...

I'm such a sweet tooth. I love your sweet posts more than your savouries...

The pictures in these are mouth watering...

Glad to see you posting again.