Saturday 19 September 2009

I couldn't resist...

I've been promising a shift from dessert recipes but this cake is a true gem! I followed the recipe posted by Elise who also shares a plethora of recipes from cooking references she has tried and tested. It involves a bit of work but I think it is well worth it - perfect for brightening up an overcast Saturday.

As most strawberries found in Kuala Lumpur are imported and can be quite dearly priced, I reduced the quantity of fruit to just over half a kilo (ie. half the described amount in the recipe) on this occasion. The amount of sugar you add to the strawberry filling depends on how sweet the fruit are. I find though, the tartness of the strawberries helps cut through the richness of cream. And speaking of cream, I replaced the heavy cream with regular whipping cream with no detriment.

Although the cake's presentation lacks the appearance of a bountiful berry harvest (like the one Elise made), this cake is exceptionally delicious - especially if you, like me, enjoy the timeless combination of ripe strawberries and voluptuous swirls of vanilla cream.



WendyinKK said...

U used Driscolli's strawberries?
The shape looks like it.

Li said...

hi wendy
not sure if i used them here. i get whatever is available at the supermarket, sometimes driscolli's, other times imports from australia, nz and korea